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Another beautiful excerpt from Mikey the guide

What’s up with the traffic on Saint Claude?!

                 by Mike Maher

I don’t drive all that much, my car was totaled in the August floods. Sometimes I borrow a friends car if I need one.  Right now I’m sorta car-sitting my roommates SUV.  It’s handy, I enjoy it, roll down the window, have a smoke, ya know, her radio works too so that’s always going on.  A lot of people complain about the potholes and sure, there are some doozies in my neighborhood, but this doesn’t really get to me that much.  I’ll be riding down one of the streets around my house, you know, having a smoke, radio going all that, and I’ll see one of these real whale-of-a-potholes.  It doesn’t bother me though, I’m not bombing down the road, I’m taking it easy, I got plenty of time to shimmy off to the left and then back to the right to avoid the following pothole. I’ll tell ya what gets to me, it’s surprise traffic on St Claude.  Sure, I can cut down to Rampart and be fine, but it’s the confusion of the thing.  I’m not talking about backups at Poland cause the bridge, or by Press at the tracks, these are logical delays.  Ya know, I can see the train.  I actually dated someone I met waiting on the train.  It can be a nice time is what I’m saying.  Well, we didn’t date for that long, just a couple of dates ya know.  I’m talking about those hold ups randomly, no apparent reason here and there.  Tell ya one thing when I was riding my bike around all the time I’d just zip by.
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