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Deep thoughts on Mardi Gras


Deep Thought on Mardi Gras

by Mike Maher


Sure, I like Mardi Gras. Ya know, I’m not the biggest party guy out there but it’s a darn good time. Folks get to bounce around, do as they please, have a drink, sure ya have a couple drinks here and there. Get into a couple of nice conversations. Ya see a couple a good buds, chop it up a minute. Maybe get a little raunchy, and I mean just a little raunchy, know what I mean? Some things irk me, sure. Really mostly those dinguses who walk along the quarter, mostly on Bourbon with those friggin homophobic signs. I mean, do I go up and down your town with some hateful stuff? A course not! Probably a nice lil neighborhood ya got there! Have yourself a lil BBQ on a saturday night I bet! And ya know, good for you, that sounds pretty nice. But ya come in here and make a bunch of people feel bad. Down here we got a buncha strippers doin their thing and some people like that. We got a buncha queer folks doin their thing. Ya know, we got a couple a swamp guys doin their thing! And you wanna come here and put people down. Ya know, why not go to the beach or something? Was a plenty nice day to go to the beach. 

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