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A Poetic Happening by Kelley Kirkpatrick


Dragonflies capture more and more of my attention. I often tell clients that you can only see as much as you are looking for, and encourage them to place their attention on the whole array of life within the swamp. Witnessing the markedly vibrant and contrasting colors of the mature and immature great blue skimmer dragonflies flying about one another. It delights me to imagine the multitude of aquatic, predatory dragonfly larva terrorizing the invertebrate neighborhoods below the surface. Iceman of the insect world, these precision flyers capture my imagination and enliven my spirit.

No less majestic and awe inspiring in their flighted capacities, the beautiful damselflies also deserve mention. The Blue-fronted Dancer damselfly in particular has a way of bouncing and dancing in flight. A very different connotation than the terrific aquatic predators they spend a majority of their lives as. Keeping populations of smaller insects in check, damselflies and dragonflies are beneficial for riparian areas. Praise the dragon spirit for their prowess and dominion.


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