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Swamp Mikes thoughts on gumbo


Some people don’t like gumbo, I don’t really understand it, what’s not to like? Heck, it’ll warm ya right up, what’s so bad about that? Maybe they don’t like okra? I mean, I guess I could see not liking okra sometimes, ya know it’s all slimy, but not in a gumbo in a gumbo it’s nice, it’s like a friggin zucchini or something. And you can have it anyway you like, ya know seafood gumbo, rabbit, got some andouille in there. There’s a place in the quarter called the gumbo shop, I think you can purchase gumbo there. I usually go to the spot by my house, they got gumbo there too. Not the best gumbo, sure, but it’s not the worst gumbo either. Little expensive though, little expensive…

….Well said Mike! We were all thinkin it! ammiright?


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