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Stories from the swamp

Stories from the Swamp

by Jake Beale


Each day I come to the bayou to paddle, I am going with the flow, and not necessarily that of the water. Albeit paddling familiar routes, the daily changes of company and circumstances generate a healthy sense of detachment to outcome. Balancing both my kayak and the expectations of clients, the heavy lifting is done for me by the unquestionable beauty of the Manchac Swamp. What splendor will we see today?

I take each paddle as an opportunity to hone the efficiency of my strokes and dance through variations in form. A methodical flick of the thumb provides a subtle meditative motion to hone into the moment. Leading the pack I heighten my senses to the task of glimpsing the treasures hidden in camouflage. Never without a sense of wonderment, gratefully receiving the gifts of the communion with nature. A rainbow and hummingbird hint at the depths surpassing that of the muddy bottom.

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