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Stop The Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Crescent City Kayak is teaming up with local businesses and communities to fight against the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP). Through the next few months, Crescent City Kayak will be hosting a series of “Water Is Life” fundraisers and kayak tours where the proceeds will be donated to the fight against the BBP. If permitted, a 163 mile stretch of pipeline will link Lake Charles in western Louisiana to refineries in St. James Parish, cutting across the Atchafalaya Basin, America’s largest natural swamp.

The Atchafalaya Basin is one of the last refuges for such endangered species as the Peregrine Falcon, the Florida Panther, Bachman’s Warbler and the Ivory Bill Woodpecker. About 100 species of fish, crawfish, shrimp and crabs also reside here. It is also the epicenter of the commercial crawfishing industry. A major oil spill would be catastrophic and would disrupt the ecosystem and threaten the Cajun way of life, which is dependent on the wetlands.

The three main companies that are involved in the proposed pipeline project include Phillips 66, Sunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners. These are the same fossil fuel interests involved with the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, which protests continue to gain national attention in North Dakota.

The oil industry argues that the pipeline will provide economic growth but what they so commonly forget to mention is the serious negative impact it has on the waterways, the coasts, the fragile ecosystems and on the economic health of many small businesses that depend on the clean waterways where they work and feed residents from. It’s the equivalent to having Darth Vader tell you the Death Star is going to create thousands of jobs.

Join with us to protect our natural resources and way of life for this generation and future ones alike.

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