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Mike Maher’s Sports Corner with Mike Maher

The New Orleans Pelicans

by Mike Maher for Mike Maher


Hey the Pelicans are playing some dang good basketball. Finished the season strong on a 5-6 game win streak, I think. Came out on top of the Spurs in the final game up 20-30 points, sure the Spurs have been having some trouble this season, they definitely are about to shake up that roster but that’s still a good way to leave the regular season, the guys going into the locker room feeling good about themselves like that. Especially ya got the Pels going into the season, most analyst pick em going 8th, maybe 9th in the west. The west is tough, and they come through with a 5th place finish? Narrowly missing that nice 4th spot, wow, hey I was impressed. Then ya got Boogie going down for the whole season on a funny rebound, I think a lot of people ruled em out even to make the darn playoffs. 5th place! Ya got help coming from where ya need it, Rondo picking up the slack, being a leader out there, Jrue Holiday putting together a nice little string of games and heck, AD always coming up big like ya know he will. Ya gotta like that kinda attitude, losing a big player mid season and going out there and playing some great friggin basketball. Last night too, game one first round they upset the blazers in their friggin barn! In their friggin barn! Gosh darn, basketball is a fun sport.


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