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Mardi Gras Poem

On a Mardi Gras Day.  

A tale of enchanted horror and magic in the big easy.

Noon, the day before the day.. Bodies shift to resume movement in a zigzag manner.  Boys and men chase suds over the heads of women and girls.  A giraffe spews in its confetti jail cell as a militia of decorative wigs float by unnoticed, spilling glitter.  Only minutes pass and the night slaps forward.  Ghouls of origins unknown fight the gel they inhale to fast forward.  A castle of white consumes the dead and freezes time.  Blonde haired, black eyed women seizure through the halls of strobing color in attempts of animation.  Heaven beams onward to the day after last.  Blind is the sound of the circus, nipples performing for the morning aurora.  Friends pour blood through the square, not leaving a drop.  Evaporated humility.  Joy to all on Mardi Gras Day.
poem by Jerf

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