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Jazz Fest Warning


by Mike Maher(the rambling king)


For those of ya’ll coming into New Orleans for Jazz Fest this weekend, you’re coming at the wrong time. Jazz fest is in the late spring. It’s a big old music fest that has a long history and I’m sure you’d have a great time next year but this year there is not a jazz fest in middle October. There is, however, Krewe du Boo, and you may enjoy that if you like halloween kind of stuff but that is not Jazz Fest. There also is Voodoo festival which is also a pretty famous festival. But that’s next weekend, so come next weekend for that one. But ya know, New Orleans is a nice city even without festivals so if you’re coming this weekend hoping for Jazz Fest only to find there is no Jazz Fest this weekend, there is still many things to do. Like Bourbon St or Frenchmen St or the World War 2 museum or the French Market, trust me there’s lots of stuff. New Orleans has lots of culture, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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