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Bachelorette Party

2024 Mardi Gras Guide

Best of the Season!    By Jeffrey Chitek   New Orleans in February is one of the social marvels of the world.  Carnival leads into Mardi Gras and there is virtually no stoppage time in between.  The city is made of color during this period. It is a pure celebration of life, love and vice.  People wear their insides on the outside in the form of intricate homemade costumes and provocative fashion.  The parties and debauchery go all night to meet the next days sun. If you were to continually participate in all of the action, you would surely perish due to bliss or exhaustion, whichever comes first.  The key to surviving carnival season is careful selection and moderation of said activity. Following is a summary of things to do in the month of February considering a healthy balance of…

New Orleans Bachelorette Party Guide

The silliest things to do in New Orleans with your bachelorette crew!    Strip Clubs! I have almost next to no idea where to go for this type of entertainment, however; the outrageous people I surround myself with have contributed! This place sounds like a blast!   After the migraine goes away, take the gals to the spa!   Next, stop off at the obvious coffee spot! Insider info: don’t wait, just seat yourself!   One of the best group activities in the city is New Orleans’ only Pedal Barge!  Bring the whole gang and traverse the swamps if you can!    Magazine Street stretches for miles! There’s bars, boutiques and some of the best restaurants in the city to check out!   Also check out Crescent City Kayak for a fun kayak swamp adventure!…