Kayak Swamp Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana

Marvelous & Mystic Manchac Swamp Kayak Tour

The Manchac Swamp Tour is strictly a swamp tour. This New Orleans swamp tour is a beginner tour that focuses on the swamp and the natural inhabitants. A beautiful location with plenty of wildlife to see.  We run this swamp tour year round.

Honey Island Swamp Kayak Tour – Funky Backwoods

Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson. Yes, that is right, we launch from one of the set locations of True Detective. Season 1 True Detective #onscene, the nitty-gritty backwoods Louisiana feeling. Come snap some selfies and say you were there!

Tours and Trips designed for

Schools & Universities, Environmentalists & Activists

Educational field trips for all ages Explore, Discover, Understand, Take Action!

Locals & Visitors, Kayakers & Adventurers

Get a break from the French Quarter festivities with some peace, quiet and picturesque solitude. Discover a new part of your backyard. Rope swings, cypress groves, swamp people, haunted house boats, mesmerizing forested swamps, alligators, turtles and more all possible with two locations to choose from.

True Detective Fans Matthew & Woody

The Honey Island Swamp Tour is full of variety. Beyond just a swamp, it provides an opportunity to swim(when warm), a river, haunted broken down houseboats to be afraid of and more! Intermediate tour dependent on water level.

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As the second and final weekend of Jazzfest kicks off I am excited for the return of Dave Matthews Band and hope he covers Don’t Drink the Water. I always associated this video with the swamps of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Included is a video from there visit in 2013.

DAVE if you’re READING THIS, I’d be HAPPY to take you on a KAYAK TOUR ANYTIME. xoxox Batman

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As we approach mosquito season, I find it’s important to look back into history and examine how these tiny midge-like flies earned themselves a spot on the stage as the world’s most revered and hated critters of all time.

For starters.. They consume mammal blood. Everything throughout history that we have learned does this is labeled as evil or believed to be sent from satan himself. Although these little demons are mostly impartial about where they draw their meals from, also feasting on fish, invertebrates, birds, and amphibians, the fact that most of their diet consists of mammal blood puts them on the highly undesirable list.

If you walk through the old iconic cemeteries of New Orleans, you may see a strange pattern, a recurring date….1853, a year that will forever live in infamy. This is the year that a confirmed 7,849 people died from the Yellow Fever in New Orleans alone, the single highest annual count as a result of the world-wide epidemic. As the symptoms became easier to identify and the treatment became more readily understood, Yellow Fever slowly phased out. Still, between 1815 and 1905, 41,000 people died in New Orleans from the plague spread by these nearly microscopic flies.

We don’t have much issue with the mosquitos on tours, they usually come out during sunset and by that time, we are usually off the water. So don’t worry about battling these guys as you join us on a kayak swamp tour. So as an ode to the returning mosquito, I give you the story of their story. Everybody get your Deet ready and let’s show these bugs whos boss.

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On a Mardi Gras Day.  

A tale of enchanted horror and magic in the big easy.

Noon, the day before the day.. Bodies shift to resume movement in a zigzag manner.  Boys and men chase suds over the heads of women and girls.  A giraffe spews in its confetti jail cell as a militia of decorative wigs float by unnoticed, spilling glitter.  Only minutes pass and the night slaps forward.  Ghouls of origins unknown fight the gel they inhale to fast forward.  A castle of white consumes the dead and freezes time.  Blonde haired, black eyed women seizure through the halls of strobing color in attempts of animation.  Heaven beams onward to the day after last.  Blind is the sound of the circus, nipples performing for the morning aurora.  Friends pour blood through the square, not leaving a drop.  Evaporated humility.  Joy to all on Mardi Gras Day.
poem by Jerf

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Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans

The Crescent City is one of those places that if you’ve visited even just once, you have a list of recommendations for other people to check out when they come down to visit. Now, to narrow it down to a Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans list is not easy, mainly because the likelihood of finding a restaurant that doesn’t serve amazing food is slim to none. Most food critics who visit this foodie capital of the culinary world usually regurgitate a lot of the same restaurants that are fabulous by all means, but you get a bit bored of that list time and time again. As a staff, we thought it would be cool to give you our perspective on the Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans since we are always hungry before and after kayaking in the swamps. We thought we would start off with breakfast and make our way to dinner and then lunch.

So without further adieu:

  1.  Atchafalaya – Best Dam Brunch!
  2.  Willie Mae’s Scotch House – Hell yes we eat fried chicken for breakfast!
  3.  Stein’s Deli – NY Style Corned Beef and Pastrami to die for!
  4.  Cochon Butcherie – Food so amazingly seasoned you will temporarily lose your vision!
  5.  Toup’s Meatery – A truly religious experience for carnivores! Now with a new location too.

So there you have it, The Tip Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans by your hungry loving staff at Crescent City Kayak Tours!

Crescent City Kayak is teaming up with local businesses and communities to fight against the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP). Through the next few months, Crescent City Kayak will be hosting a series of “Water Is Life” fundraisers and kayak tours where the proceeds will be donated to the fight against the BBP. If permitted, a 163 mile stretch of pipeline will link Lake Charles in western Louisiana to refineries in St. James Parish, cutting across the Atchafalaya Basin, America’s largest natural swamp.

The Atchafalaya Basin is one of the last refuges for such endangered species as the Peregrine Falcon, the Florida Panther, Bachman’s Warbler and the Ivory Bill Woodpecker. About 100 species of fish, crawfish, shrimp and crabs also reside here. It is also the epicenter of the commercial crawfishing industry. A major oil spill would be catastrophic and would disrupt the ecosystem and threaten the Cajun way of life, which is dependent on the wetlands.

The three main companies that are involved in the proposed pipeline project include Phillips 66, Sunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners. These are the same fossil fuel interests involved with the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, which protests continue to gain national attention in North Dakota.

The oil industry argues that the pipeline will provide economic growth but what they so commonly forget to mention is the serious negative impact it has on the waterways, the coasts, the fragile ecosystems and on the economic health of many small businesses that depend on the clean waterways where they work and feed residents from. It’s the equivalent to having Darth Vader tell you the Death Star is going to create thousands of jobs.

Join with us to protect our natural resources and way of life for this generation and future ones alike.

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