Cold in Louisiana

Cold by Mike Maher   My house doesn't have heat. It's very cold in here. I have a couple of space heaters, but one doesn't really work. I don't have a car and the pipes froze in my bathroom. My best bet is to wash dishes with the warm water that works in the kitchen. [...]

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Brumation by Mike Maher I'm not even gunna get into what alligators do in the winter. Have you thought about what humans do in New Orleans to tolerate the cold? I may not even get into that. North Face jackets and way too many layers. The bayou changes around the year. The winter isn't any [...]

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Weird Swamp Stuff

Aliens in the Swamp! by Emma Reid   Just kidding... there are no aliens, but we are going to start off the first blog about weird swamp stuff with something extra weird… and cool! After the water levels recede in the swamp you may see these gooey globs that you may think look like an [...]

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Tree friend

Tree friend artwork by Ray Swaney  

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Supporting our Shorebirds

Supporting our Shorebirds by Emma Reid   This week, some of our kayak guides will head down south to Grand Isle and other surrounding barrier islands to help respond to impacts on the Louisiana’s shorebird population after Tropical Storm Cindy. The storm wrecked nests of shorebirds, and many recently hatched chicks drowned because they were [...]

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Don’t Drink the Water

As the second and final weekend of Jazzfest kicks off I am excited for the return of Dave Matthews Band and hope he covers Don't Drink the Water. I always associated this video with the swamps of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Included is a video from there visit in 2013. DAVE if you're READING [...]

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