A flying vampire in New Orleans, LA.

As we approach mosquito season, I find it’s important to look back into history and examine how these tiny midge-like flies earned themselves a spot on the stage as the world’s most revered and hated critters of all time. For starters.. They consume mammal blood. Everything throughout history that we have learned does this is [...]

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Mardi Gras Poem

On a Mardi Gras Day.   A tale of enchanted horror and magic in the big easy. Noon, the day before the day.. Bodies shift to resume movement in a zigzag manner.  Boys and men chase suds over the heads of women and girls.  A giraffe spews in its confetti jail cell as a militia [...]

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Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans

Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans The Crescent City is one of those places that if you've visited even just once, you have a list of recommendations for other people to check out when they come down to visit. Now, to narrow it down to a Top Five Restaurants to Visit in New [...]

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